Participant 2 | FRCB-IDIBAPS

FRCB-IDIBAPS is a public research center dedicated to translational research in the field of biomedicine.

FRCB-IDIBAPS and its affiliated institutions, Hospital Clinic de Barcelona (HCB) and University of Barcelona, provide a unique framework of excellent scientific platforms and close physical relationship between research laboratories and clinical assistance.

The team at FRCB-IDIBAPS/HCB has a long track record in the preclinical development and clinical translation of academic CAR-T cells for the treatment of hematologic malignancies. The CAR-T cell program at FRCB-IDIBAPS/HCB includes the development of an anti-CD19 CAR-T therapy for the treatment of adult ALL (ARI-0001) and anti-BCMA CAR-T cells for the treatment of multiple myeloma (ARI-0002). Of note, ARI-0001 is the first European-developed CAR-T therapy approved for its clinical use under hospital exemption and the first academic product to receive Priority Medicine (PRIME) designation by the European Medicine Agency. Almost 200 patients have been treated at HCB with academic CART-cell products manufactured in house (as part of clinical trials, as compassionate use or as approved products), further confirming the interest and ability of this research consortium in bringing products from the bench to the bedside. A solid program to develop CAR-T cells for the treatment of solid tumors is also in place, and the first clinical candidate has already been identified: ARI-HER2, an anti-HER2 CAR for the treatment of HER2+ breast cancer.

Dr. Sonia Guedan is a principal investigator with more than 18 years of experience in designing novel gene and cell therapies for the treatment of cancer. Since 2010, she has focused on T-cell genetic engineering and developing CAR designs that can drive enhanced T-cell persistence and improved antitumor effects. She was trained at the University of Pennsylvania, at the laboratory that developed the first FDA-approved CAR-T cell therapy. On 2018, she was recruited by FRCB-IDIBAPS to lead the preclinical development of CAR-T cells for cancer treatment. Her current research is focused on understanding the obstacles that lead to CAR-T treatment failure and developing novel strategies to overcome these hurdles.

Sonia Guedan
Lead the preclinical development of CAR-T cells for cancer treatment
Alba Rodriguez
Paula Barbao
Teresa Lobo Jarne
Scientific Project Manager