• The problem. Worldwide, an estimated 28.4 million new cancer cases are projected to occur in 2040, posing a considerable challenge to our society, science/technology and economy.
  • The need. Immunotherapies, which target cancer cells by harnessing immune system components, are revolutionizing medical oncology. However, while these treatment modalities have demonstrated remarkable activities against hematologic malignancies, their efficacy against solid tumors remains limited.
  • The solution. After early success of immune checkpoint inhibitors, T cell-based immunotherapy has emerged as an additional innovative potent arm. In this context, T-FITNESS will pursue a transformational approach to provide radical innovation in T cell therapies of solid tumors.


1 September 2022


48 Months


€ 3.789.472


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Kick off meeting 5-6 October 2022

On 5 and 6 October 2022 the T-FITNESS project partners gathered in Regensburg (Germany) for an in-person meeting aimed at launching the project research activities. The overall goal of the... read more →