Participant 7 | ETHZ

With ETHZ, one of the top ten ranked universities worldwide according to QS, an outstanding expertise in gene editing and regulation technologies is coming on board.

Prof. Jacob Corn, a leader in the field of genome editing research and technology in the academic and industrial research communities, has made substantial contributions to this field over the years; from fundamental discoveries on DNA editing requirements in human cells to practical applications of manipulating DNA repair outcomes in disease relevant models, and including development of methodologies used in ongoing clinical genome editing trials to treat hematological diseases. The Corn Lab Team (, as part of the Institute of Molecular Health Sciences (IMHS), is working to unravel complex cellular phenotypes to further biological understanding and improve human health.

Of particular interest to T-FITNESS, the Corn group has developed an innovative gene editing strategy in primary human T-cells. Furthermore, to test the specificity and safety of genome editing tools, the ETHZ team will apply its recently established model (DISCOVER-seq), a broadly applicable approach for unbiased Off-target identification in cells and tissues.

The Genome Engineering and Measurement Lab (GEML), a Knowledge Hub in ETHZ lead by Dr. Zacharias Kontarakis, brings proficiency in applying a wide portfolio of genome engineering profiling methods, including DISCOVER-seq.

Working closely with all European partners, the ETHZ team will select, design, and optimize safe and efficient next-generation genome editing technologies for engineering T cells that can sense exhaustion cues and remain effective against tumors.

As Associated Partner, ETHZ will receive fundings from Swiss Translational Measures for Horizon Europe

Jacob Corn
Professor of Genome Biology, Team leader
Zacharias Kontarakis
Head of the Genome Engineering and Measurement Lab
Ana Gvozdenovic
Program Manager
Iryna Vykhlyantseva
Research Assistant
Jan Eliáš
Research Assistant