Jan 16

Welcome to Iryna Vykhlyantseva and Jan Eliáš 

T-FITNESS consortium would like to welcome the newest members from the ETHZ team, Iryna Vykhlyantseva and Jan Eliáš.

Iryna Vykhlyantseva completed her master’s degree in Biotechnology at Instituto Superior Técnico in late 2022. In July 2023, she joined the Corn Lab’s GEML team as a Research Assistant. Her current work in T-FITNESS project involves the application of genome editing tools and the analysis of editing outcomes in mammalian cells.

Jan Eliáš received his Master´s degree in Immunology from Charles University in 2022. Jan joined the Corn Lab’s GEML team as a Research Assistant in September 2022. His research interests and contribution to the T-FITNESS project include regulation of gene expression and synthetic biology, with a special focus on utilizing the CRISPRa/i technologies in therapeutic applications.